AL-Farsi Kite Team
It all started in 1995 when a small kite was dedicated to Mr. Faris Al Farsi from Mr. AbdulRazaq Al Khames, and that’s when Mr. Faris Al Farsi began on admiring this hobby. The love of this hobby started to grow in him and he began thinking of owning another kite, but bigger and with more complication which makes it more entertaining
Through the festivals Mr. Faris Al Farsi met Mr. Peter Lynn (Kites’ Maestro) and bought some of his unique kites. After the progression of this love to the kites, Mr. Abdurahman AL-Farsi and with the cooperation of Peter Lynn thought of breaking the World Record with the creation of a giant kite which was created successfully and was launched in Britain’s sky, thus, it was a smile on the sky’s gap.
We have been honored to lift our beloved country’s flag, Kuwait, however, we do not match the honor of those people who won their sacrifice defending this country, and based on this we dedicate this achievement to our martyrs whom sacrificed their souls to Kuwait.

Information about the kite;
Size 1050 square meters (42 * 25) 7 meters and a height of 750 meters lasted with 750 hours of work; Peter Lynn worked on it with the assistance of 8 people. It weights 180 kg – 100 kg weight ropes – It needed 2500 square meters of cloth, along the wires (inside – outside) 10 km