Work Shop in Adaileya School


The Team did a workshop in Adailiya elementary school for girls, and lectured by the President of the team and Abdulrahman Alfarsi and team member Andrew Beattie. Where was presented the achievements of the team and how to make small kites.

We thank the school administration and teachers on good organization.

Participated In Al-Ain Municipality ( UAE )

At the invitation of Al Ain Municipality, the team participated in the celebrations of the United Arab Emirates to the Union 42, and on this occasion, the team introduced the launch kites and kite-shaped the UAE flag.

We thank Al Ain Municipality and Noor Center Team for the invite and warm reception and generosity.

We congratulate the UAE government and people, and to further progress and prosperity.

Bristol Kite Festival

The team participates in the Bristol International Festival of Kites in the United Kingdom, after receiving an invitation to participate in the event, and on this occasion will be the launch of the largest kite in the world there.


RIP Mr. Shaikhan Al-Farsi

We have lost a great man, who used all his strength and power to be kind, gentle and generous. He has made the world a better place and we will miss him. Shaikan loved Kuwait and he leaves a lasting legacy both in facilities that he built for his country such as mosques, wedding hall, hospitals and schools and also in the fine and highly respected family that bears his name.
May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with the family at this time.

Mr. Shaikhan Al-Farsi
Father of Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Farsi


Andrew lens Berck 2013

As usual, Andrew captures the most beautiful moments of international participations, we advise you to visit his blog and see what’s new.

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